What We Do

When we first meet with you, we will discuss our background and why we feel we can be an addition to your building project.  We are very personable and professional and have had many years of building under our belt. Because of that, when problems arise, we have the Experience to deal with these problems.  We manage these issues in a manner that should not slow the project down.  We will work the problems out and help to get the process running smoothly again.  We can create a Gorgeous home for you.

One of the many advantages of building a custom home is that you are not limited to a pre-selected list of options. We will provide a detailed schedule and guide you through meeting with our vendors to design your kitchen cabinetry, or you have the choice to use someone else if you prefer. We can help you select your individual slabs of granite for your kitchen or baths, we can layout your lighting design and pick your flooring and bathroom and kitchen tile.  We appreciate that each homeowner has a certain style. We will help you achieve this style with the finishes you select for your home.


If you would like to come to us first to assess the suitability of a lot you are considering or purchasing a lot we are affiliated with, we will walk the lot with you and discuss the potential placement of the home and the other important factors that are important to research.


We offer a wide variety of floor plans that can be modified to best fit your needs. We can also work with our architect to design a new plan based on your desires.  Please show us your photos, magazine clippings and Pinterest boards- any document that provides you inspiration and shows us how you would like your home to feel.


Based on the size and layout of your home, we are able to provide a base price using our standard inclusions. We meet with you to discuss the specific features you would like to have in your home, and will come up with our recommendations for allowances, in order for these upgrades to be factored into your loan amount.


We have had the pleasure of working with many lenders and are happy to recommend a lender and title company to handle the construction-permanent financing. When you build a custom home, you will need to settle on your loan before we start the project.


Our team handles all of the paperwork involved in obtaining the building permit from the local jurisdiction.  This includes, but is not limited to working with our engineers to create the site plam to comply with building setbacks, easements, and other restrictions and collaborating with the architect and the structural engineer to complete the full set of blueprints.  This ensures that your floor plan meets all local building codes.


Your selection process begins prior to home construction, but will continue through most of the construction time. During construction, our Construction superintendent will work with our vendors to ensure that your home is built to the highest quality standards.  We will have a number of pre-scheduled meetings to walk the home with you, but also believe that you can drop in to see the progress at any time you choose.  We will do walk-throughs with you for the pre-drywall phase to place electrical components and structured wiring, such as recessed lights and surround sound wring.

You are able to move into your home when the county issues a Use and Occupancy permit. Prior with that you will meet with us to conduct extensive walkthrough of the home and review house maintenance and plans.  After you move in, Stone House Builders will visit you to perform touch-ups as necessary as the home settles in the first year.  We hope you enjoy your home for many years to come.